Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Chipper!

That's right, our family has grown by two more feet, or rather wings.

Meet Chipper, the newest member of our family. 

Chipper is a parakeet.  She was bought by Seth and will primarily be his responsibility to care for. 

Seth has been talking about getting a parakeet for a couple of months now and has diligently saved his money so that he could buy a little bird.

I have loved seeing him stay focused on a goal and not get swayed by the latest cool toy or gadget that he runs across in the store. 

Seth and Tate would go to the pet section of the store and look at the price of food and plan what he would need to buy to take care of his bird and how much it would cost so he could be sure he saved up enough money to care for it.  He was so excited the day he had enough money! He couldn't wait to get to the store and buy a bag of bird food!  Even though he didn't get to buy the bird for a few more weeks!

We were at the country store in Antigo a few months ago when I saw an advertisement on the bulletin board advertising parakeets for sale.  The lady who we got the bird from is a Mennonite, who raises the birds in her home. 
We weren't sure how tame Chipper would be and we have been very pleased with how sweet and calm she is (we think Chipper is a girl).  It seems like she was handled a lot as a baby bird, and she is still young which gives us the opportunity to keep taming her. 

So now we have a very excited boy in our house, and a pretty new addition to the family.
Stop by and see her sometime.  Seth will be very happy to show her to you.  

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