Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favorite Places

So I know I've shared with you some of the things we do for fun up here in the boonies in the winter time. 
Today I want to share with you one of our favorite places to go for fun in the summer.
It's called Lily Military Park.
Located about 3 1/2 miles north of our house, it is a little park on the wolf river. 
One of the reasons we love the park is because there are hardly ever any people there, most of the time we have the park all to ourselves. 
The other reason is because of the river.

The river there is perfect.  It's beautiful, peaceful and soothing.
It makes the perfect river noise as it cascades and rolls over the rocks that lie within it's banks. In the evening, the sun glimmers off of the rippling water, it dances giving off the most beautiful light.
It's silky smooth waters sooth away the heat flushed skin of a hot day.  
But most of all, it is perfect for wading in.
Which is so much fun for my boys. 
Personally, I like to pop a chair into the middle of the river and sit there with a book while they play around me. 

But even I get in it on the hot days. 
I let the cool waters wash over me and refresh me.

The boys love it in the river and so does Hunky Hubby. 

So does Annie of course!

It's the perfect place for adventuresome boys and their dad, who is really just an overgrown boy in all the best ways.

What they really like to do while wading in the river is hunt for crawdads!
That's right.
And then they cook them and eat them.
They really do.
Here is Hunky Hubby on the prowl.

He likes to sneak up on the little crustaceans from behind and grab them with his bare hands!
The boys prefer using small nets to catch them. 
Usually someone ends up with a crawdad hanging off of their finger or swim trunks.
I guess that's part of the fun.
After collecting enough for a meal it' s time to cook them!
Now, not being an adventurous eater, I've never tried these little guys.  I figure, I didn't really like their giant cousin, the lobster, so I banking on not really liking these guys either.
Besides, no one remembers to bring butter.
Sea food is basically inedible without being smothered in melted butter.  At least in my opinion.

Sorry Little guys, but you are about to become dinner. 
Hope you like the hot tub!

Ewe! Doesn't it look like they are staring at you, accusing you of ending their short little crustacean lives?  Creepy
But the kids enjoy it.  It's something fun they do with their dad.  Catch their food and cook it over a fire made with their own two hands.
Beats restaurant dining in their little man minds any day.
So we end up going home cooled off, relaxed, and with a full belly.  Although I rely on our picnic dinner for that.
Now that I've shared one of our favorite places, what's one of yours?

I 'd love to know.
Maybe we'll go visit it sometime.
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