Friday, July 20, 2012

Look at What my Sister Did!

My sister saw this idea on Pinterest (of course).

You may have seen it too.
She thought it would look good in her front flower bed.
It does!
I don't have any instructions or pictures of it as it's being built, because I wasn't there, but it seems super simple.
You would need a long piece of re-bar,
pots in gradually increasing sizes,
spray paint, dirt, and flowers.

Spray paint the pots first and let them dry.
Drive your piece of re-bar into the ground.
You are going to have to do some measuring here.
Thread the first pot on the re-bar and fill with dirt.
Thread the next pot on the re-bar and fill with dirt.
Continue to do this with all the pots.

See how she has the pots tipped? You need to do that too.
That's what gives it that cool shape.
Then when you are all done, you get to put your plants in!
Want to know a secret?
If you wait to buy your annuals until the end of June, you can get them super cheap!
Wal-mart was selling them for a quarter a pot!
They all survived and look great too.
Even though they were exceptionally root bound.

My sister painted her pots to match her front porch rocking chairs.

This gives her beautiful home a pop of color.
I love the look.
Good job Jen!
Keep on getting those projects done! Pin It

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