Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Champs

It's my turn to be that annoying mom who's gonna brag on how awesome her kids are.
Bear with me.
It's o.k.

There was a Elk's Club Soccer Shoot out this week that the boys really wanted to participate in.
We had never done this before, and it was a convenient night, so we went.
None of us knew what to expect or exactly what would be done.
But the boys were eager to try it out.
Especially when they saw the trophies that would be given out.

Every boy wants a trophy.
It's ingrained in their DNA.
I promise

I absolutely love how each of the boys has their own 'game face'.

So adorable!
And yes, when Seth is serious, he always sticks out his tongue.

Wyat went first in the competition (out of the boys anyway).
He is always working the crowd. Maybe he'll be an actor when he grows up.
He and Seth were in the same division.
Troy and I didn't think that was very fair.
There is a large gap in the physical abilities of a kid Seth's age and a kid Wyat's age.
Wyat did well, he tried hard, but he missed most of his goals.
He got a few through though!
Seth went next.

He did a really good job, making most of his goals, but missed all of the highest scoring ones.

Then came Tate, he was in a different division.

He only missed 2 of his shots, but most of his shots were only one pointers.  They divide the net up into a grid and divide it into different point values.  Tate hasn't figured out how to get enough loft on the ball to shoot it high into the corners, which would have been the highest scoring, but also the hardest shots.
He did really well though.
All the boys tried hard and did their best.  However no one spent any time practicing before hand like I suggested.

Overall only one of the boys won a trophy, can you guess who?

He ended up winning 1st prize in his division!
He was a little stoked, but managed to remain humble and not gloat in front of his brothers. 
The only one who was really upset was Wyat.  Tate was disappointed he didn't win, but had a good attitude and we had a good talk about the importance of practicing.
I was proud of all of my boys, because of course, they are all champs to me.
But I was really happy for Seth.
He really loves sports and out of the three boys, does put the most effort into learning and training.
He gets to advance to the next level, so if you are in Wausau on September 22, you can watch him.
Hopefully, he uses this time to practice, because the competition is going to be harder.

Well, thanks for letting me brag a little.
I love my boys.
It is really exciting to see them develop their skills and passions.

Thanks for reading,

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