Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some New Style

It was time for Tate to go in for an eye exam again this summer.  
After all, no one wants the world to look blurry if it doesn't have to, right?
We learned that his prescription had in fact changed, so while we were in Appleton this week, we went to the glasses place and picked him out some new eye wear.

Got him some new style.

This first pair are his current favorite.They've got some cool details on the sides and are blue, which bring out the color of his amazing blue eyes. He says these are his everyday glasses.

The next pair are his dress glasses, or so he says.  They've got a little tortoise shell action going on that you can't really see in the photo.
We usually get two pairs so that we have a back up in case of breakage. When you live where we do, you can't always get a replacement quickly.

He looks so handsome!
He looks so smart!
He looks so stylish!
All in one amazing package.

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