Saturday, July 28, 2012

How do you keep 6 Kids Busy? Frozen T-Shirts

Spending the week at my sisters house can be quite the adventure.  We have 6 kids between the two of us, all under 10 years of age. 
Only one girl in the mix.
We have a lot of fun but over the years we've learned that it helps to have some constructive plans to keep the kids busy.  They all play really well together, most of the time, but if there is too much unscheduled play time, things can get a little hairy.
This year we tried to be a little smarter so we began what we like to call Mom Camp.
Basically, just some fun activities, crafts, or otherwise organized time.

One super hot, muggy evening, we decided it would be a perfect time for a frozen t-shirt contest.

That's right, I said frozen.

As in cold, hard, block of ice.

So here is what you do: (we got this idea out of the Family Fun magazine).
Get a t-shirt out and soak it in the sink. 
Wring it out really well.
Fold it up neatly or crumple in a ball.
Place on wax paper and place in the freezer.
Wait until it's frozen solid, a couple hours at least.
Pick a hot day to do this on.
Get out the frozen t-shirt and let the contest begin!

 The kids weren't told anything about the contest when we sent them outside.  We also sent them outside for at least 5 minutes so they would get good and hot in the muggy weather we were having that day.  We wanted them to be willing to participate in our contest.

It was so fun to watch them do this! Everyone was having a great time trying to pry their frozen shirt apart (well, almost everyone).
They were laughing and giggling, and trying really hard to be the winner. (We bribed them with a prize, which turned out to be fake.  Mean, I know, blame Hunky Hubby, it was his idea.)

In hindsight, we should have had each child go individually and timed how long it took them to put the shirts on.  That way we could have watched each individual more closely and seen all of their funny expressions as that cold shirt touched their warm skin.
I could have gotten more pictures that way too.
It was so much fun, and such a simple thing to do.
I think we'll have to put this on the list for next years Mom Camp.

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