Wednesday, August 1, 2012

T.V. Room-Mini Makeover

So I wanted to spice up the look and design inside the house a little bit.
But, I didn't want to do something that would require too much $, too much time, or too much work.
I also didn't want something that would require too much commitment.
Like wall paper.
That's commitment.
And time.
And money.
So, no wall paper for us, even though they have some really gorgeous designs out there.
I had an idea to do a large stencil on the wall, but didn't want to spend the $$$$.
So I turned to my favorite creative source, Pinterest.
Oh yes I did.
And it came through for me once again.
I found a link to a website where the woman did an awesome hand stenciled, hand painted design on her wall and she even had a link to print out the stencil! Score!
You can see what she did here.
Since I have more time than money I thought it was a great idea to copy.
Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Love it!

Yes, it was a a bit of a detailed process, but it didn't really take that long when you think about it.
First I painted the tan walls a perty blue.

I also painted the one blue accent wall, a slightly different blue.
I couldn't paint the tan wall the same blue I already had painted the accent wall because I mixed it myself with leftover colors at home and didn't have more than about a cup left over.
Make sense? Of course it does!

I took the stencil I downloaded off the internet, and enlarged it on the copier at SBR. I didn't want to be too crazy.

Then I traced and traced and traced.
I did use a level to help me keep things straight.
I didn't want a wonky wall.

After tracing and tracing and tracing, and tracing, it was time to paint.
I found a paint brush I liked the size of and started tracing over all those faint lines. 
I love the final look.
What do you think?
Phase one of the t.v. room remodel is done.

I'm not sure when the rest will get finished, slowly but surely.
The rest won't be anything too major, a lighter paint on the walls, maybe some different curtains, sew some cool pillows and figure out how to hang the pictures on the walls.
I'll try and keep you posted.

Thanks for dropping by!

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