Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dynamic Duo

Summer is coming to an end. 
It's sad but true.    
One of the things we wanted to do before school starts up again, was to have a friend over for a sleep-over. 
You know, school and late nights just don't mix well.  Even when you home school.
This past weekend, Seth finally got to have that sleep-over with his best friend Caden that he has been waiting for.
We don't do sleep-overs very often anyway, so
I was really happy for them when it worked out.
They had a great time. They watched a movie, ate popcorn, played with Chipper, giggled and talked after being put to bed, shared clothes, you know, all the great sleep-over stuff.

It's been awhile since they had their picture taken together, so I had to snap a quick one the next morning before we headed out. 
These two have been best bud's since Caden was born, no joking. Seth was born in August and Caden was born the following January.
They used to cause some shenanigans whenever they got together, but that is fast becoming a thing of the past.
They are going to be a dynamic duo as they grow up together.
Here's to more sleep-overs in the future!

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Mary Kramer said...

How wonderful is that!!
And two very handsome boys!!

Mary Kramer said...

I really am not sure when you get my comments or if you get my comments.
Just wanted to say that those are two handsome young men and glad they got their sleep over in before school started. Wish the boys could of got a sleep over in here before school started. Oh well we will see them next week. Lord willing

The Beaber Family said...

I always get the comments mom, I just don't always respond because they don't always need it!