Friday, August 17, 2012

Hidden Falls

If we were in a gondola I would have my own personal gondolier.

Since we are in a canoe is he called a conoelier?
I'll just call him Hunky.

Who knew you could have such a romantic time in the middle of the remote Canadian wilderness.

Wait, what you can't see in the previous picture is this:

We were not alone.  No romantic atmosphere permeating this ride.
Actually, we were on our way to my favorite hike at C.A., Hidden Falls.
Which is exactly what it sounds like.
A hike up a mountain, next to a stream, until you reach a hidden water fall.

What a wonderful way to end a trek through the wilderness.

Of course, boys can't resist a swim in the pool at the bottom of the falls. Although they said it was a bit chilly.

Boys also can't resist trying to scale cliffs.
And then they fall down and get wet in the water that is waiting below. (if you look closely at the blurry picture you will see that only his shoulders are dry.)

Here I am in all my rustic glory. Be nice, remember, I didn't bring makeup or hairspray. I was trying to live simply and leave behind the things that aid my vanity. (Which is why I'm telling you I left it all at home, because I'm vain. We all have our struggles)

Here, Ben is trying to scale the cliff again, because he couldn't let the mountain defeat him.
He made it this time.

There was much exploring and investigating of the river on our way back.  We decided it would be more fun to travel off the path and instead followed the stream down to our canoes.

It's a beautiful hike.  Well worth the sore arms you will have from doing all that paddling in the canoe.
Right Hunky Hubby? ;)
Oh come on, I did help! I wouldn't let him do all the work!
Just most of it.
He's stronger than I am!

I hope this inspires you to check out Canadian Adventure for yourself sometime.  They can accommodate families, individuals or groups.  There are more mountains to climb out there.
Go. Climb. Listen.

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