Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hiking up to Sanford's Site

One of the other places we hiked to when we were at Canadian Adventure was Sanford's Site.
We climbed uphill pretty much the entire way there, and then sat on the edge of the cliff to look out over the Canadian wilderness.

Yep, all that is preventing anyone from plummeting hundreds of feet down a cliff are those wooden poles and some flimsy rope. 
I'm fairly certain that my boys could have found a way to destroy them both if left unattended for 2.2 seconds.
Which was NOT happening there.
I watched them like a hawk.
Plus Troy was there.

Still, we felt that Wyat would be safer safely ensconced behind these trees.  Seeing as how he was jumping about like a little Mexican jumping bean.  What is it that kids just don't understand about sheer drop off?

Still, if you can relax enough to enjoy it, the view is breathtaking.
I guess if you want to enjoy it, you shouldn't bring 5 year olds.

But it's a site worth seeing and a hike worth hiking.

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