Tuesday, June 10, 2014

3 Weeks and The Puppies First Outdoor Adventure

As part of the puppies social development, exposure to the outdoors is important. Previously we have had them in a quiet room in our basement with a few forays upstairs. Sunday, I decided it was time to expose them to the great outdoors. As they get bigger, and messier, they will be spending more and more time outside. 
Their reaction to the outside was mixed. Mostly, it stressed them all out a little bit, but that is okay. We stayed near them the whole time to offer security. Although, when Jinx is near, all they want is milk! 

We introduced them to the grass first, but I was too busy to get any pictures. Sorry about that. A few of the boys tried tasting the grass to see if it tasted any good. I don't think they liked it. It was really sunny and warm in the grass and everyone was complaining. I moved them onto a blanket in the shade and that seemed much better to them. It could be that the bright light was also a bit harsh on their eyes. 

Here is Scotcheroo making sure we know that he isn't a fan of this adventure. 

Raisin however, took it all in stride. He was also the most adventurous, wandering the furthest away from the crowd. Fearless little beastie! Did you notice how he can sit up now?
Is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?
They can all sit up and they all walk around like little drunken sailors. It's adorable. They are getting sturdier all the time. 

Scotcheroo decided to hunker down next to the basket and his brother. The outdoors weren't very interesting to him. He later walked over to me and snuggled up. 

Kisses did what Kisses does, she didn't stress out about it. 
P.B. explored a bit and didn't seem too bothered by the outside. 
P.J. however was very vocal in his dislike of being outside of his comfort zone. It won't be too long before he loves being outside.
We will keep taking them outside every day and lengthening the time they spend out there in their little puppy pen. It'll soon be a place they love to be. 

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