Saturday, June 21, 2014

Puppy Personality

As the puppies have grown, each one has begun to develop his or her own personality. Some of the traits we are seeing now we have noticed since they were teeny-tiny. Some things are developing as they grow. Here is a brief synopsis of each one:

Kisses: Since day 1 she has always been laid back and mellow. A super cuddler who would nap in any available warm lap. She is learning to defend herself with those spunky brothers of hers and gives as good as she gets. She is sweet and likes attention. No longer the runt of the litter in size, she keeps up with the boys in all areas. She tends to be more timid than the rest in new situations, but warms up quickly.

Peanut Brittle: Mellow is a good word for this guy too, he is one of the biggest boys, second only to Raisin. He tends to break away from the wrestling matches for a nap before the others. He is affectionate and playful, but seems pretty laid back. 

Pepper Jack or P.J.: First born in this litter, but not first in size, P.J. and Kisses are in a tie for smallest. P.J. is a spunky character. When the rest of his sibs are napping, he often thinks that makes it the perfect time to play! He is an independent thinker but loves to be held and snuggled.

Raisin: This guy is our independent one. He has always been the biggest and bravest. He is  not phased by new things, taking it all in stride.  He loves to wrestle his brothers and sister and then when he gets tired walks a few paces away to nap nearby. Not exactly the cuddliest, he is affectionate and playful.

 He looks like Snoopy with that round muzzle, and black nose. He is playful and very affectionate. He often crawls into my lap for some love or to play. He is not timid but not overly bold either. He is right in the middle for size. 

They are all great pups (I know I am biased). They are all learning to come when called and we no longer have a problem with anyone peeing inside the crate. I honestly think they will be great in whatever family they end up with. It has been fun to see their personalities develop as they have grown. This is a great age, they are so playful and fun to watch. Although they have gotten in many of their teeth and aren't afraid to use them! But when it is nap time, watch out, they crash and crash hard. I'm excited for their new families, I think they will be getting a great companion, but I'm going to miss these little guys. 

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