Thursday, June 5, 2014

Labradoodle Pseudo Names - As Promised

You can't have a littler of puppies and not call them each something. Calling them all 'Puppy' seems a bit boring. So, being the creative people we are, we decided to give the pups each a temporary name until they get their forever name from their new families. 
I thought we would stick with a theme in order to simplify the naming process and to help us remember the different litters down the road. 
Wyat Latched on to this guy and originally dubbed him 'Brownie',  

To honor that we thought we would go with a food theme. After a bit of teasing about naming a brown dog, 'Brownie', his name was changed. 
His official pseudo name is Raisin Brownie Beaber.
You can call him Raisin.
He's big for his age and he likes to chill out. He's our biggest boy. Don't let his color fool you, he could change colors like his dad by the time he is 2.

Next up is our little girl. Seth was in charge of picking her name.

Meet Kisses (like Hershey Kisses).
She is a sweet little snuggler. Although born 2nd, her size makes her the runt of this litter.

Tate picked the name for our golden boy with the pink nose.

Say hello to Pepper-Jack. He is more pale than his brothers. This guy was the first born of the litter and is just a bit bigger than his sister.

I got to name the next little guy.

This is Scotcheroo.
I love his cream color and black nose and paw pads.
He was the first one we saw trying to play with his siblings.

Last but not least, Hunky Hubby's hunk of cuteness;

Meet Peanut Brittle. He is also a big guy. We call him and Scotcheroo the twins because they look very similar with their black noses and paws. But P.B. looks to have a little more red in his coat. I won't be surprised if he darkens up over time. 

So there they are. Our adorable babies and their temporary names. They are starting to play with each other and us, walk on all fours, and go potty by themselves. They are growing so fast. 
Wouldn't you like to take one home? 

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