Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Momma Love

The puppies love their Momma, well, they mostly love her milk.
Weaning has been a bit challenging because Jinx is very patient with them and never growls or barks at them when they try to nurse. She might ignore them and walk away, but that doesn't seem to be a big deterrent. She is very sweet to them, allowing them to climb all over her and chew on her lips.

Jude (his new name!) is coming over for some snuggle time. 

Luna (that's her new name!) is getting some quality time with her Momma.

Is this not just too precious? 

Doing a little wrestling.

When the puppies nurse now, which is less and less, they are ridiculously vigorous. Jinx never even bats an eyelash, she just calmly lays there. 
Unless there is a ball around, then watch out puppies! 

Jinx with her "Ain't nobody got time for this" face.

I am sure Jinx isn't going to be too sad when all the puppies go to their forever homes. After all, they are stealing quite a bit of her attention. :)

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Anonymous said...

Are all the puppies spoken for?

The Beaber Family said...

2 yellow boys still need a home.