Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Labradoodle - Eyes are open!

We have reached the 2 week mark with our puppies. Everyone is fat and healthy. And I do mean fat! It is amazing how fast these little guys have grown. 
We have reached a new milestone as well.
Everyone has opened their eyes! 
First, was the little black girl. It was hard to tell that her eyes were even open. They looked like glittering pieces of black obsidian in her inky black face. Then all of the yellow pups opened their eyes, and finally our chocolate boy opened his eyes today! 

The pups are also trying to walk on all four legs instead of crawling like seals. It is super cute to watch them wobble around.

We have seen them try to start playing during their short awake periods. although biting on your brother when you have no teeth isn't very threatening.

The puppy pile is still their favorite place to be. Look at this sweet guy with his paw around his sister.
It is really fun to watch these little guys grow and develop.
If you are interested in making one of these pups a part of your family, leave me a comment and I will e-mail you more details! 
We are accepting reservations now. $200 will secure your puppy with $400 to be paid on the day you pick up. The pups will be ready July 7. 
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