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Labradoodle Coats

I know many of you have questions regarding what our Labradoodles might look like as they get older.  I have found a few websites that give a some good examples for you to look at. 
Because you are taking DNA from two different breeds, there are no guarantee's. Each of the puppies can develop a slightly different coat. 
But I think that is part of the fun.
Our pups will most likely have the 'scruffy' or 'fleece' coat. It is unlikely that they will be curly like a poodle. 
Here are a few examples of my best guess at what our pups will turn out like. This is just a guess based on research and looking at their baby coats. This is not a guarantee.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of
Aren't they adorable?

A few things you should know about Labradoodles:
*Just like a poodle they can lose their 'puppy' coat at about 6 -14 months of age. A new, different type of coat can grow in at this time. 
*Their color can change as they age. It will be based off of their puppy color. For instance a chocolate puppy can grow up to become Cafe Lait, or brown with cream tips. Very cute! 
*F1 Labradoodles tend to have more of the scruffy, long haired lab look. Not necessarily the curly coat of a poodle. Although that could happen.
*No one can guarantee that your F1 Labradoodle will not shed. That would be a lie. The objective is to breed a large breed dog with the intelligence and train-ability of the poodle but the temperament, friendliness and overall great family companion that the Lab provides. Often, because of the poodle gene, this great family dog will shed less than a Lab. 
*No one can guarantee that they will be hypoallergenic. Shedding isn't the only thing that contributes to an allergic reaction to dogs. It has much to do with the dogs dander, or dead skin cells.
*Labradoodles tend to be fun, energetic, and intelligent dogs. They make wonderful family pets and companions. They do not make good apartment dogs. They thrive on activity and interaction with their family. 
Here are some websites with good F1 information and coat examples:
Tinkerdoodle - great pictures from Pup to adult
Dreamydoodles - a good review of Labradoodle history
Southern Charm Labradoodles - a good break down of the different coat types.
There is lots of great information here. Look around and learn all you can about this fun family dog. It might be that this is just the right breed for your family. 

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