Monday, June 30, 2014

First Bath for the Puppies

The cute puppy breath  was getting overwhelming and morphing into something stanky. It was a good indication that it was time for the babies first bath. 
They weren't very happy about it, but it was necessary.

Scotcheroo thought he could hide where I couldn't see him.  Little did he realize I could tell exactly where he was.
Luna and Jude were so tuckered out after their baths that they fell asleep next to me.

Shaking the water off.

Wet puppy faces are cute.

My photography assistant took a selfie. 
Too cute.

All the babies enjoyed being toweled dry.

Look Mom, I'm fluffy!

Giving a big dog shake to get the water off.

P.B. was uninterested in bath time. 

But he got one anyway. No sleeping puppy was safe.

So Fluffy!

An exhausted Luna catching some z's. 

Jude cuddled up with his stuffed buddy for some snoozing.

P.J. took advantage of some cuddle time.

Overall the babies did well. They acted just like their mom in the bath, like it was a form of torture. The funny thing is, they will all love swimming in a lake or river when they get older. But the bath? Horrible! 

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