Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Labradoodles - On the Deck

One of our responsibilities when breeding puppies is making sure that they are well socialized by the time they go home with their new family. Socializing is all about exposing the puppies to new situations, sights, sounds and sometimes smells in a positive manner. We don't want our pups developing into timid or fearful dogs, exposing them to new things helps them learn to take new experiences in stride. The pups turned 4 weeks old this week so it is time to begin really expanding their horizons. We have of course already begun exposing them to many new things already but this week we are doing even more. 
One of the new things they got to do was walk on the deck. Since our adult dogs don't think anything of it, I didn't really think it would freak out our babies, but it did a little. At least a couple of them.  

Of course 'Raisin' is wondering what everyone thinks is such a big deal. He's telling his brother to 'chill out'.

Having momma Jinx around helped ease a few anxieties.

After all, these pups will endure anything for some milk.

Raisin is telling Kisses that it'll all be okay.

She isn't so certain. Of course she was also the first one to pee on the deck. Fortunately it is easy enough to wash off.

A little wrestling means that everyone is relaxing and getting used to walking on air.

Raisin is our fearless guy. The other puppies will all look for some comfort and come and cuddle. Not this guy, he has some conquering to do. 

P.J. is getting some lovin' from Tate.

Scotcheroo was a little timid at first and then he got the hang of it.

It's fun to introduce these little guys to new things. It doesn't usually take long for everyone to realize that it's all okay. They are getting braver, wandering farther away while exploring when they are outside. I love watching them grow. 

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