Friday, June 20, 2014

Puppy Pool Party!

We filled the puppy pool with an inch and a half of water to introduce the puppies to swimming. We left it in the hot sun on the deck and then came back when the shade was covering the pool. This way the cold water wouldn't be such a shocker to their little bodies. They don't like being too hot or too cold. 
I would have thought that romping, playing, and swimming in the water would come naturally to these puppies, but apparently a love for water is something that they learn. So we began the process of introducing these babies to water. After all, their families may want to take them to the beach to play! Plus, all dogs need a bath once in awhile.

Wyat wanted to be in the water with them to offer his support so they wouldn't be scared. 

Everyone was a little uncertain at first. 

Wyat wanted to show the puppies how fun water can be. I am not certain they agreed.

Especially Kisses. She seemed a bit insulted that we got her wet and spent most of the time in the pool with this posture.

P.B. walked around checking it out.

P.J. says 'let me ouuuut!'

The puppies and Wyat all mingling in the pool.

Scotcheroo wants out too.

He thought I deserved to have my pants chewed on for making him go in that water.

Raisin was calm, cool, and collected as usual. He's like a rock. 

We actually did the pool 2 days in a row. I thought it might help. The puppies weren't any more excited the second time, but they will get there.

Scotcheroo and P.B. are looking very pathetic.
And adorable.

It's cute watching puppies do the same thing I am used to seeing the big dogs do. Like shaking their wet fur.

When all the puppies had enough of swimming practice, we toweled them off and gave them some snuggles.

There's a future hunter in the mix. He is sitting proudly next to his 'kill'.

We'll get the puppies in the pool the next hot day we have. It's good for them, cools them down and cleans their fur. The more positive exposures we have with water, the better!

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