Wednesday, June 25, 2014


We no longer have sleepy puppies that lay around and snuggle all day long. They have turned into rabble rousers that investigate, interrogate, and just generally gnaw on anything they can sink their little teeth into. They are vigorous and ruthless wrestlers when they are tangling with their siblings. But it always ends with them being friends again.
This is Scotch and P.J. There are no rules among these pups. Anything goes in their play. They will stick their opponents whole nose in their mouth and chomp down. Ears, tails, paws, and other things - it's all fair game.

"Grrr, I'm gonna eat your face!"

They are definitely in the teething phase. Having them bite each other is no big deal, but we don't want them thinking the same way about people. We are trying to be vigilant in not letting them gnaw on us, replacing toes and hands with a chew toy instead. It'll take them a little time, they are just puppies after all, but they will get it. 
In the mean time, they are very entertaining to watch! 

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